16 zesty lemon cake recipes

Marrying citrus zing and subtle sweetness, a lemon cake is the answer to any baking occasion.

Flour and Stone's Lemon Dream cake.
A lemon cake is wondrously versatile. It's suitable for morning and afternoon teas, picnics, and birthdays, plus it is a zesty and light way to round out a celebratory feast. A delightful pairing of citrusy splendour and subtle sweetness, lemon cake is a testament to the artistry of baking. Whether you're a connoisseur of classic desserts or an adventurous baker looking for the best lemon cake recipe around, our collection of lemon cake recipes covers all ground.
We have Flour and Stone's famed Lemon Dream layer cake with lemon curd and pillowy meringue which outdoes a simple lemon drizzle cake every time. For simple lemon cakes, there are recipes for lemon zest sponge cakes with lemon icing, a gluten-free ricotta and polenta cake with lemon-rosemary syrup, and a quicky, easy lemon cake recipe topped with crème fraîche to balance out the zing of lemon juice. We also have recipes for mini cakes, ranging from Meyer lemon olive oil cakes to limoncello baba with vanilla cream.
Whether it's a sunlit brunch, a refined afternoon tea or a post-dinner indulgence, we have a lemon cake recipe for all occasions. Here are our very best lemon cake recipes