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Modern & Classical Acupuncture Certification Series 100


(Classes are instructed in five modules of 20 hours per module totaling 100 hours. Schedule is based on a 50 minute hour and meets CCE requirements.) Required text is the IACA Procedural Manual or Foundations of Chinese Medicine.


Syllabus (Taught in 6 modules at Logan Post Grad). Manual provided via flash drive. Bring laptops. 

Module 1 

Hour 1- Introduction to Acupuncture* Explanation of workbook, supply kit for workshops and components of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Hour 2- Overview of 14 main meridians* chi flow* energy clock and yin/yang concepts.
Hour 3- Origin of Acupuncture* History* Philosophy* Soulie De Morant
Hour 4- Detailed discussion on the 14 Main Meridians* Body measurement* Levels of treatment.
Hour 5- Detailed explanation of the twelve kinds of acupuncture points and their exact functions.
Hour 6- Superficial cycle of chi flow* Deep cycle of chi flow.
Introduction to the eight diagnostic criteria, Eight guiding principles
Hour 7- The vital substances, The transformation of Chi, The functions of the internal organs.
Hour 8/9- Identification of patterns (Eight principles, Qi, Blood, Body Fluids, Internal Organs, Pathogenic Factors, 5 Elements, Channels, 6 Stages, 4 Levels, 3 Burners).
Hour 10/11- Detailed study of Lung Meridian Patterns* Qi deficiency, Yin deficiency, Dryness, Wind-Cold, Wind-Heat, Wind-Water, Damp-Phlegm, Phlegm-Heat, Phlegm-Fluids, Combinations. Needling of each point.
Hour 12-13- Detailed study of Large Intestine Meridian* Damp-Heat, Heat, Cold, Dryness, Collapse, Combinations. Needling of each point  
Hour 14-16.75- Introduction to tongue diagnosis, pulse diagnosis, cupping and moxa.

 Module 2 

Hour 1- Introduction to press needles, tacks, magnets, pellets
Hour 2- Introduction to pain control
Hour 3- Treating sports injuries
Hour 4/5- Treating musculo-skeletal conditions
Hour 6- Introduction to five phase theory
Hour 7- Introduction to electronic graphing
Hour 8-12- Detailed study of Stomach Meridian Patterns* Diet, Emotions, Climate* Qi Deficiency* Cold* Yin Deficiency* Fire* Qi Rebellion* Food Retention* Blood Stasis* Combinations. Needling of each point.
Hour 13/15- Detailed study of the Spleen Meridian Patterns* External Pathogenic Factors, Mental Factors, Diet* Qi Deficiency* Yang Deficiency* Qi Sinking* Cold-Damp* Damp-Heat* Combinations. Needling of each point.
Hour 16-16.75: Clean Needle Technique

Module 3                                


 Hour 1- Detailed study of Heart Meridian Patterns* Qi Deficiency* Yang Deficiency* Yang Collapse* Blood Deficiency* Yin Deficiency* Fire Blazing* Phlegm* Blood Stagnation* Combinations. Needling of each point.

Hour 2-4- Detailed study of the Small Intestine Meridian* Special effect points and conditions treatable. Needling of each point.                                           

Hour 5-6- Twelve Divergent Channels* 15 Connecting Channels* Root and Branch Theory

Hour 7-12- Detailed study of Bladder Meridian Patterns* Climate, Emotions, Excess Sex* Damp-Heat* Damp-Cold* Deficiency* Combinations. Needling of each point.

Hour 13-15- Detailed study of Kidney meridian Patterns* Hereditary weaknesses, Emotions, Excessive Sexual Activity, Chronic Illness, Overwork, Premature Aging* Yin Deficiency* Yang Deficiency* Qi Not Firm* Failing To Receive Chi* Loss Of Essence* Combinations. Needling of each point.

Hour 16-16.75- Tongue and Pulse Diagnosis


Module 4


 Hour 1-2- Detailed study of the Pericardium Meridian* Special effect points and conditions treatable. Needling of each point.

Hour 3-6- Detailed study of San Jiao Meridian Patterns* Upper, Middle and Lower Burners. Needling of each point.

Hour 7-10- Micro Systems- Scalp, Hands, Face and Ear* Facial Rejuvenation (TCM, Korean, electro).

Hour 12- Identification of Patterns According To the Five Elements

Hour 13-16- Detailed study of the Gall Bladder meridian Patterns* Diet, Emotions, Climate* Damp-Heat* Deficiency. Needling of each point.

Hour 16-16.75- Practice workshop on tongue and pulse


Module 5

Hour 1-3- Detailed study of the Liver Meridian Patterns* Pathogenic Factors, Emotions, Diet* Qi Stagnation* Blood Stasis* Liver Fire* Liver Wind* Damp Heat* Cold Stagnation* Blood Deficiency* Yang Rising* Combinations. Needling of each point.

Hour 2-4-Detailed study of the Ren Meridian* Special effect points and conditions treatable. Needling of each point.

Hour 5-7- Detailed study of the Du Meridian* Special effect points and conditions treatable. Needling of each point.

Hour 8-10- Scalp Acupuncture 

Hour 10/ 11/ 12- Eight Extra Vessels* Special Effects* Treatment Techniques* Needle* Electro* Ion Pumping * Ba Gua 

Hour 13-15- Five Element transporting and application

Hour 16-16.75- Tongue and Pulse Workshop

Module 6


Hour 1- Ghost points

Hour 2-3- 8 Influencial points

Hour 4- Huaotojiaji points

Hour 5-9- Review of entire course material

Hour 9-11- Clean Needle Technique Exam

Hour 12-16.75- Point Location Skills Exam, Comprehensive Written Exam.


Make it an exceptional day!