EZ Lift-Facial Rejuvenation

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EZ Lift-Facial Rejuvenation
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15 Minute Effective Facial Rejuvenation Treatment! 


Although not often presented or widely known, acupuncture has been prove to be VERY effective in face lifting and facial rejuvenation!

There are many acupuncture clinics in New York City, Boston and Los Angeles that utilize acupuncture effectively for retoring youthful appearance without the use of drugs and surgery!

Classical acupuncture treatments for facial rejuvenation take about 1-2 hours of treatment. However, a recent discovery has proven that microcurrent therapy is just as effective in the treatment of facial rejuvenation.

And, the incredible news is that this procedure can be done at home in 15-20 minutes even while watching television!

How does it work? Through technology originally developed in Japan by Yoshio Manaka .D., microcurrent therapy has evolved so that an individual can treat themselves while at home with very little effort.

By treating the muscles under the skin through "TCM" principles, the wrinkles reduce and even dissapear!

This generation (The baby boomers) is significantly concerned about aging. This technology provides the answers in a self administered easy to operate fashion.

I have personally utilized this technology in my office and have found the results to be simply ASTOUNDING!

Cost: $395.00


Make it an exceptional day!