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The 2017 M.E.A.D. 20 IACA units are now available. These units now contain the 9 charts that were only in the M.E.A.D. Pro 100. The M.E.A.D. units are the only units IACA recommends due to the patended spring loaded diagnostics and the hand contact clamp. This totally eliminates subjective operator sensitivity!

IACA has been able to secure the 9 charts that only the Pro 100 had are now incorporated into the 2017 M.E.A.D. 20 version at a much lower cost. The analysis charts are the following:

1) Body Energy
2) E.C.I. (Energetic Composite Index)
3) Autonomic Nervous System
4) Bar Diagram
5) Slope Diagram
6) Ryodoraku Diagram
7) Yin-Yang Relative Balance Integrated
8) Qi-Blood Relative Balance Integrated
9) Five Elements Integrated 

Price: $2795.00
Reflex E System:

RES now available with testing plate for testing muliple Homeopathics, herbs and supplements.
RES: $975.00
Test plate: $275.00 


A M.E.A.D.™ MilestonE
Aside from Taiwan where more than 80% of the major hospitals utilize the Meridian Energy Analysis Device(M.E.A.D.™), the central government of China just became a new addition to the ever-growing list of impressed users!
After evaluating TCM related products from more than 40 companies over a span of 19 months, their team consisting of an elite group of engineers, scientists, TCM doctors and healthcare professionals voted the M.E.A.D.™ unanimously as the product of choice.  The Chinese government has entered into an agreement to purchase up to half million units.  The move is part of their economic stimulus initiative to reduce unemployment and to improve healthcare delivery. INdeed, A monumental testament to medpex's unwavering pursuit of excellence from the home of Oriental medicine!                                                                                                                                                                                                 January 2010


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